Latest data sets

  1. Shorebird feeding specialists differ in how environmental conditions alter their foraging time

    van der Kolk, H. (Creator), Ens, B. J. (Creator), Oosterbeek, K. (Creator), Bouten, W. (Creator), Allen, A. M. (Creator), Frauendorf, M. (Creator), Lameris, T. (Creator), Oosterbeek, T. (Creator), Deuzeman, S. (Creator), de Vries, K. (Creator), Jongejans, E. (Creator), Van de Pol, M. (Creator), Dryad, 14 Oct 2019


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Latest prizes/recognition

  1. Associate professor at KULeuven

    Steven A.J. Declerck (Recipient), 2019

    Prize/recognition: Appointment

  2. Elected member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences

    Marcel E. Visser (Recipient), 2019

    Prize/recognition: Prize (including medals and awards)Academic

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Latest research output

  1. Saltatory Conduction along Myelinated Axons Involves a Periaxonal Nanocircuit

    Cohen, C. C. H., Popovic, M. A., Klooster, J., Weil, M-T., Möbius, W., Nave, K-A. & Kole, M. H. P., 14 Jan 2020, In : Cell.

    Research output: Contribution to journal/periodicalArticleScientificpeer-review

  2. Researchers united on international road map to insect recovery

    Harvey, J. A., 09 Jan 2020, Nature Today.

    Research output: Working paper/discussion paperWorking paper/Discussion paperPopularizing

  3. Een debat over (im)migratie moet wel over feiten gaan

    Lucassen, L., 07 Jan 2020, In : De Volkskrant.

    Research output: Contribution to journal/periodicalArticlePopularizing

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Latest press/media

  1. Natuurinclusief Nederland - verbonden met de natuur


    2 items of media coverage

    Press/Media: Expert Comment

  2. Bacteriën kunnen planten tegen infecties beschermen

    Marnix H Medema & Jos M. Raaijmakers


    10 items of media coverage

    Press/Media: Research

  3. Boijl viert 700 jaar maar is wel ouder

    Dennis Worst


    1 media contribution

    Press/Media: Expert Comment

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Latest activities

  1. Lezing landbouwmuseum georganiseerd door het Lânboukundich Wurkferbân

    Willem Smink (Organiser)
    17 Jan 2020

    Activity: Participating in or organising an eventWorkshop, seminarSocietal

  2. Presentatie HisGis 1832 Zuid-Holland Kustzone

    J.A. Mol (Organiser)
    17 Jan 2020

    Activity: Participating in or organising an eventOther eventSocietal

  3. External examiner PhD reading committee

    Bart A. Nolet (Reviewer (PhD))
    16 Jan 2020

    Activity: Teaching/Examination/SupervisionPhD candidate reviewing/examination

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