Identification of specialized root exudates associated with microbiome assembly of wild and domesticated tomato

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Domestication of plant species has significantly impacted on the rhizosphere microbiome composition, but the underlying chemistry of microbiome assembly in wild and modern plant species remains largely elusive. Here, we collected soluble root exudates from 4 wild and 4 modern tomato plants, and analyzed their chemical composition via Quadrupole Time-of-Flight LC-MS/MS. Secondly, we repeatedly inoculated the extracted root exudates into soils from the centre of origin and from the centres of tomato production to determine specific shifts in the soil microbiome. First we showed that the different genotype tomato plants have distinct rhizosphere microbiome composition and diversity when growing in greenhouse soils and native soils. Moreover, root exudate composition was distinctly different between wild and modern tomato plants, with specific mass features significantly more abundant in the root exudates of the 4 wild tomato species. Collectively these results suggest that tomato plant specialized metabolites might be an important driver for recruiting specific microbial taxa. By integrating ‘metabolomics’ and ‘microbiomics’, we are now investigating and validating which specialized metabolites are key compounds in tomato domestication and microbiome assembly.
Period01 Aug 202304 Aug 2023
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • plant microbiome
  • rhizosphere
  • microbiome assembly
  • specialized root exudates