Princess Laurentien Opens Renewed Fryske Akademy

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Today, Friday September 9, Princess Laurentien attended the opening of the renewed and restored buildings of the Fryske Akademy in Leeuwarden, a municipality of the Friesland Province, in the north of the Netherlands.

The Fryske Akademy was founded in 1938 as scientific centre for research and education of the Frisian language and culture and it is located in the Coulonhouse, a 18th century building and the adjacent properties. The purpose of the researchers and the academy is to analyze the dynamics of the language, history, and culture of the Frisian people.

Princess Laurentien made a tour of the renewed buildings along with Hanno Brand, director of the Fryske Akademy and Jo Janssen, the architect who worked for the renovation. It is known the interest of Princess Laurentien for culture, literature and education since she is UNESCO Special Envoy for Literacy and Honorary Chairman of the Reading and Writing Foundation.

Period09 Sept 2016

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