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HSN standardized, HISCO-coded and classified occupational titles, release 2018.01

Mandemakers, K. (Creator), Mourits, R. (Creator), Muurling, S. (Creator), Boter, C. (Creator), van Dijk, I. (Creator), Maas, I. (Creator), van de Putte, B. (Creator), Zijdeman, R. L. (Creator), Lambert, P. (Creator), van Leeuwen, M. H. D. (Creator), van Poppel, F. W. A. (Creator) & Miles, A. (Creator), IISG, 2018


Boarnsterhim Corpus

Sloos, M. (Creator), Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS), 2019


The Boarnsterhim Corpus

Sloos, M. (Creator), Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal, 2019


Verbal valence

Roorda, D. (Creator) & Dyk, J. (Creator), Zenodo, 30 Oct 2017



Petram, L. (Data Manager), Randeraad, N. (Creator), Blomme, H. (Data Manager), Wolff, J. (Contributor), Noordzij, J. (Other), Maas, M. (Other), Kessels, G. (Other), Van Bree, P. (Other) & Verbruggen, C. (Creator), Common Lab Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (CLARIAH), Apr 2018


Data compilation of soil respiration, moisture, and temperature measurements from global warming experiments from 1994-2014

Carey, J. C. (Creator), Tang, J. (Creator), Templer, P. H. (Creator), Kroeger, K. D. (Creator), Crowther, T. W. (Creator), Burton, A. J. (Creator), Dukes, J. S. (Creator), Emmett, B. (Creator), Frey, S. D. (Creator), Heskel, M. A. (Creator), Jiang, L. (Creator), Machmuller, M. B. (Creator), Mohan, J. (Creator), Panetta, A. M. (Creator), Reich, P. B. (Creator), Wang, X. (Creator), Allison, S. D. (Creator), Bamminger, C. (Creator), Bridgham, S. D. (Creator), Collins, S. L. (Creator), de Dato, G. (Creator), Eddy, W. C. (Creator), Enquist, B. J. (Creator), Estiarte, M. (Creator), Harte, J. (Creator), Henderson, A. (Creator), Johnson, B. R. (Creator), Larsen, K. S. (Creator), Luo, Y. (Creator), Marhan, S. (Creator), Melillo, J. M. (Creator), PeƱuelas, J. (Creator), Pfeifer-Meister, L. (Creator), Poll, C. (Creator), Rastetter, E. (Creator), Reinmann, A. B. (Creator), Reynolds, L. L. (Creator), Schmidt, I. K. (Creator), Shaver, G. R. (Creator), Strong, A. L. (Creator), Suseela, V. (Creator) & Tietema, A. (Creator), USGS, 2016


Dutch 19th-century reception of women authors

van Dijk, S. (Creator), de Groot, J. C. (Creator), Kulsdom, A. (Creator) & Scott, F. (Creator), Huygens ING, 01 Sep 2016


AFLP and MS-AFLP data for Spartina alterniflora and Borrichia frutescens collected from three habitats (i.e. low, medium, and high salt) within five sites, respectively, on Sapelo Island, GA in May 2011

Foust, C. M. (Creator), Preite, V. (Creator), Schrey, A. W. (Creator), Alvarez, M. (Creator), Robertson, M. H. (Creator), Verhoeven, K. (Creator) & Richards, C. L. (Creator), 2016



van Dijk, S. (Creator), Huygens ING, 01 Sep 2016


Data from: Environmental coupling of heritability and selection is rare and of minor evolutionary significance in wild populations

Ramakers, J. (Creator), Culina, A. (Data Collector), Visser, M. E. (Contributor) & Gienapp, P. (Contributor), Dryad, Jun 2018


Leiden Historical Population Databank 1700-1850, Kohier 1748

Tjalsma, H. D. (Creator) & Diederiks, H. A. (Creator), Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS), 16 Dec 2011



't Zandt, M. H. (Creator), Kip, N. (Creator), Frank, J. (Creator), Jansen, S. (Creator), van Veen, H. (Creator), Jetten, M. S. M. (Creator) & Welte, C. U. (Creator), European Nucleotide Archive (ENA), 06 Nov 2016