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Transcriptome sequencing of Arabidopsis exposed to volatiles from Microbacterium sp. strain EC8

Cordovez, V. (Creator), Schop, S. (Creator), Hordijk, C. A. (Creator), Dupré de Boulois, H. (Creator), Coppens, F. (Creator), Hanssen, I. (Creator), Raaijmakers, J. M. (Creator) & Carrión, V. J. (Creator), NCBI, 24 Sep 2018


Data from: Soil functional responses to drought under range-expanding and native plant communities

Manrubia-Freixa, M. (Creator), van der Putten, W. H. (Creator), Weser, C. (Creator), ten Hooven, F. (Creator), Martens, H. (Creator), Brinkman, P. (Creator), Geisen, S. (Creator), Ramirez, K. (Creator) & Veen, C. (Creator), Dryad, 25 Sep 2019


Data from: Turn-taking between provisioning parents: partitioning alternation

Baldan, D. (Creator), Hinde, C. A. (Creator) & Lessells, C. M. (Creator), Marine Data Archive, 11 Jun 2019


Data from: Above-belowground linkages of functionally dissimilar plant communities and soil properties in a grassland experiment

Steinauer, K. (Creator), Heinen, R. (Creator), Jongen, R. (Creator), Hannula, E. (Creator), Huberty, M. (Creator), De Long, J. (Creator) & Wang, M. (Creator), Dryad, 01 Sep 2020


Data from: Exploratory behavior undergoes genotype-age interactions in a wild bird

Class, B. (Creator), Brommer, J. E. (Creator) & van Oers, K. (Creator), Dryad, 03 Sep 2019


Data from: An affordable and reliable assessment of aquatic decomposition: Tailoring the Tea Bag Index to surface waters

Seelen, L. (Creator), Flaim, G. (Creator), Keuskamp, J. (Creator), Teurlincx, S. (Creator), Font, R. A. (Creator), Tolunay, D. (Creator), Fránková, M. (Creator), Šumberová, K. (Creator), Temponeras, M. (Creator), Lenhardt, M. (Creator), Jennings, E. (Creator) & de Senerpont Domis, L. (Creator), Dryad, 18 Dec 2018


Data from: Temperature effects on prey and basal resources exceed that of predators in an experimental community

Thakur, M. P. (Creator), Griffin, J. N. (Creator), Künne, T. (Creator), Dunker, S. (Creator), Fanesi, A. (Creator) & Eisenhauer, N. (Creator), Dryad, 21 Dec 2018


Data from: Root-lesion nematodes suppress cabbage aphid population development by reducing aphid daily reproduction

Hol, W. H. G. (Creator), Raaijmakers, C. (Creator), Mons, I. (Creator), Meyer, K. M. (Creator) & van Dam, N. M. (Creator), Dryad, 30 Jan 2016


Collimonas arenae strain:Cal35

Wu, J. (Creator), de Jager, V. C. L. (Creator), Deng, W. (Creator) & Leveau, J. H. J. (Creator), NCBI, 25 Nov 2014


Data from: Bird-mediated seed dispersal: reduced digestive efficiency in active birds modulates the dispersal capacity of plant seeds

Kleyheeg, E. (Creator), van Leeuwen, C. (Creator), Morison, M. A. (Creator), Nolet, B. A. (Creator) & Soons, M. B. (Creator), Dryad, 24 Feb 2015


Data from: Predicting effects of water regime changes on waterbirds: insights from staging swans

Nolet, B. A. (Creator), Gyimesi, A. (Creator), van Krimpen, R. (Creator), De Boer, W. F. (Creator) & Stillman, R. A. (Creator), Dryad, 25 Feb 2016


Data from: Heritable gene expression differences between apomictic clone members in Taraxacum officinale: insights into early stages of evolutionary divergence in asexual plants

Ferreira de Carvalho, J. L. (Creator), Oplaat, C. (Creator), Pappas, N. (Creator), Derks, M. (Creator), de Ridder, D. (Creator) & Verhoeven, K. (Creator), Dryad, 16 Mar 2016