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Leeuwarden Time Machine

Mol, J. A. (Creator), Vermaut, T. (Creator), Raat, M. (Creator), Boonstra, B. (Creator) & Hartmann, J. (Editor), Fryske Akademy, 03 Mar 2019


Digitale Charterbank Nederland

Burgers, J. W. J. (Creator), Hoekstra, R. (Creator) & Quist, T. (Creator), 25 Jan 2019


Data from: Resting metabolic rate in migratory and non-migratory geese following range expansion; go south, go low

Eichhorn, G. (Creator), Enstipp, M. R. (Creator), Georges, J. (Creator), Hasselquist, D. (Creator) & Nolet, B. A. (Creator), Dryad, 24 May 2019


HSN standardized, HISCO-coded and classified occupational titles, release 2018.01

Mandemakers, K. (Creator), Mourits, R. (Creator), Muurling, S. (Creator), Boter, C. (Creator), van Dijk, I. (Creator), Maas, I. (Creator), van de Putte, B. (Creator), Zijdeman, R. L. (Creator), Lambert, P. (Creator), van Leeuwen, M. H. D. (Creator), van Poppel, F. W. A. (Creator) & Miles, A. (Creator), IISG, 2018