Coral Targeted loci environmental

  • Phillipe M. Rosado (Creator)
  • Deborah C. A. Leite (Creator)
  • Gustavo A. S. Duarte (Creator)
  • Ricardo M. Chaloub (Creator)
  • Guillaume Jospin (Creator)
  • Ulisses Nunes da Rocha (Creator)
  • João P. Saraiva (Creator)
  • F. Dini-Andreote (Creator)
  • Jonathan A. Eisen (Creator)
  • David G. Bourne (Creator)
  • Raquel S. Peixoto (Creator)



16S Amplicon data associated with Corals subjected to thermal stress and pathogen challenge with or without inoculation of beneficial microorganisms in a mesocosm experiment.
Date made available26 Feb 2018

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