Draft genomes of vinasse bacteria



Twenty-one draft bacterial genomes and their annotations described in the publication Cassman, NA. et. al. 2018, Biotech for Biofuels. The goal of the study was to characterize the microbial assemblage present in sugarcane vinasse, which is the major waste of bioethanol production from sugarcane and generally used as an organic and/or K fertilizer. Briefly, the draft genomes were binned (maxbin2) and manually refined (anvi'o v.2.3.2) from a cross-assembly (metaSPADES v3.8.2) of 18 metagenomes sequenced from six batches of sugarcane vinasse with Illumina Miseq technology. Annotations (prokka v1.12) were carried out against prokka databases (UniProtKB Bacterial and the HAMAP HMM database) along with the dbCAN HMM database (dbCAN-fam-HMMs.v6). The uploaded files are from 1) prokka output: bin nucleotide sequences (fa), protein sequences (faa), annotations (gff and tsv) and annotation info (txt) and 2) anvi'o output: percent recruitment of the bins, bin summary and samples summary.
Date made available22 Feb 2019

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