Experimental plant community_biomass_evenness.xlsx

  • J. Sitters (Creator)
  • E. Valdés-Correcher (Creator)
  • M.J. Wassen (Creator)
  • N. Brion (Creator)
  • Harry Olde Venterink (Creator)



The data file contains the plant biomass data from the mesocosm experiment. The data file consists of 3 sheets. Sheet 1 contains the metadata explaining the column headings in sheet 2 and 3. Sheet 2 contains the biomass data of the six plant species per mesocosm (identified by pot code). Each mesocosm was fertilized with dung from 1 of 5 different herbivore species in either a low or high amount. Sheet 3 contains the total biomass of the experimental plant community, so the sum of biomass from all plant species per mesocosm. It also contains the evenness of the experimental plant community based on Pielou's evenness index (see methods section in paper for more details).
Date made available02 Feb 2018
  • Herbivore dung quality affects plant community diversity

    Valdés-Correcher, E., Sitters, J., Wassen, M. J., Brion, N. & Olde Venterink, H., 2019, In: Scientific Reports. 9, 5675(2019).

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