Hebrew Text Database ETCBC4b

  • Dirk Roorda (Creator)
  • Wido Th. van Peursen (Contributor)
  • Constantijn Sikkel (Contributor)



The ETCBC database of the Hebrew Bible, contains the scholarly text of the Hebrew Bible with linguistic markup.
A previous version, Hebrew Text Database ETCBC4, can be found in EASY (see the link below). See the description there for more details.

The present dataset is a new version:

(A) the content has been updated, all features have been filled in for all objects whenever applicable;
(B) not all feature values have been checked; for that we have to wait for version 4s.

The reason to submit this version now is the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (November 21-24, 2015, Atlanta).
Date made available16 Nov 2015
PublisherData Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)
Temporal coverage1000
Geographical coverageIsrael


  • bible
  • hebrew
  • text-processing

Dataset type

  • Processed data

    van Peursen, W. T. & Roorda, D.


    Project: Research

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