Here is the sequence that are generated from cross dilution design study. All samples were sequenced by 16S rRNA gene sequence.

  • Yan Yan (Creator)
  • P.G.L. Klinkhamer (Creator)
  • Hans van Veen (Creator)
  • Eiko Kuramae (Creator)



It is hard to assess experimentally the importance of microbial diversity in soil for the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems. An approach that is often used to make such assessment is the so-called dilution method. This method is based on the assumption that the biodiversity of the microbial community is reduced after dilution of a soil suspension and that the reduced diversity persists after incubation of more or less diluted inocula in soil. In this study, we combined our previous finding and designed cross-dilution experiment to study the power of soil.
Date made available27 Feb 2020
PublisherEuropean Nucleotide Archive (ENA)

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