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  1. Data from: Are naive birds attracted to herbivore-induced plant defences?

    Amo de Paz, L. (Creator), Dicke, M. (Creator), Visser, M. E. (Creator), Marine Data Archive, 30 Jun 2016


  2. Data from: Assembly mechanisms determining high species turnover in aquatic communities over regional and continental scales.

    Viana, D. S. (Creator), Figuerola, J. (Creator), Schwenk, D. (Creator), Manca, M. (Creator), Hobaek, A. (Creator), Mjelde, M. (Creator), Preston, C. (Creator), Gornall, R. (Creator), Croft, J. M. (Creator), King, R. A. (Creator), Green, A. (Creator), Santamaria, L. (Creator), Dryad, 2015, http://doi.org/10.5061/dryad.p07r1


  3. Data from: Biodiversity change is uncoupled from species richness trends: consequences for conservation and monitoring

    Hillebrand, H. (Creator), Blasius, B. (Creator), Borer, E. T. (Creator), Chase, J. M. (Creator), Downing, J. (Creator), Eriksson, B. (Creator), Filstrup, C. T. (Creator), Harpole, W. (Creator), Hodapp, D. (Creator), Larsen, S. (Creator), Lewandowska, A. M. (Creator), Seabloom, E. (Creator), Van de Waal, D. (Creator), Ryabov, A. B. (Creator), Dryad, 20 Jun 2017, 10.5061/dryad.1sd59


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