The European Multi Lake Survey took place in summer 2015. It was a grassroots initiative comprised 197 scientists from 26 European countries. The EMLS was a snapshot sampling effort where 369 lakes were sampled only once for various physical (e.g. temperature), chemical (total nutrients) and biological parameters (algal pigments and toxins). The sampling period for each region was defined as the locally two-week warmest period based on 10-year air temperature data. The initial purpose was to define how nutrients and temperature would interact to explain variance in algal or cyanobacterial blooms on a continental scale using a space for time substitution approach (spatial rather than temporal resolution of lake parameters). Several other scientific questions addressing what controls toxin distribution on a continental scale, or dealing with cross comparisons between algal numerical methods (microscopy vs pigments vs flowcytometry) are in preparation. Publishing this dataset will allow scientific access to a unique sampling effort over the European peninsula that can generate new research ideas.
Date made available13 Aug 2018

ID: 10380701