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Data from: Resting metabolic rate in migratory and non-migratory geese following range expansion; go south, go low

Eichhorn, G. (Creator), Enstipp, M. R. (Creator), Georges, J. (Creator), Hasselquist, D. (Creator) & Nolet, B. A. (Creator), Dryad, 24 May 2019


Data compilation of soil respiration, moisture, and temperature measurements from global warming experiments from 1994-2014

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AFLP and MS-AFLP data for Spartina alterniflora and Borrichia frutescens collected from three habitats (i.e. low, medium, and high salt) within five sites, respectively, on Sapelo Island, GA in May 2011

Foust, C. M. (Creator), Preite, V. (Creator), Schrey, A. W. (Creator), Alvarez, M. (Creator), Robertson, M. H. (Creator), Verhoeven, K. (Creator) & Richards, C. L. (Creator), 2016


Data from: Environmental coupling of heritability and selection is rare and of minor evolutionary significance in wild populations

Ramakers, J. (Creator), Culina, A. (Data Collector), Visser, M. E. (Contributor) & Gienapp, P. (Contributor), Dryad, Jun 2018


Data from: Stressful colors: corticosterone concentrations in a free-living songbird vary with the spectral composition of experimental illumination

Ouyang, J. Q. (Creator), De Jong, M. (Creator), Hau, M. (Creator), Visser, M. E. (Creator), van Grunsven, R. H. A. (Creator) & Spoelstra, K. (Creator), Dryad, 10 Aug 2015


Data from: Towards a new understanding of migration timing: slower spring than autumn migration in geese reflects different decision rules for stopover use and departure

Kölzsch, A. (Creator), Kruckenberg, H. (Creator), Glazov, P. (Creator), Müskens, G. J. D. M. (Creator), Wikelski, M. (Creator), Weinzierl, R. (Creator) & Nolet, B. A. (Creator), Movebank, 2016


Data from: Aboveground mammal and invertebrate exclusions cause consistent changes in soil food webs of two subalpine grassland types, but mechanisms are system-specific

Vandegehuchte, M. L. (Creator), Van der Putten, W. H. (Creator), Duyts, H. (Creator), Schütz, M. (Creator) & Risch, A. C. (Creator), Dryad, 21 Jun 2016



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Data from: Fitness consequences of indirect plant defence in the annual weed, Sinapis arvensis

Gols, R. (Creator), Wagenaar, R. (Creator), Poelman, E. H. (Creator), Kruidhof, H. M. (Creator), van Loon, J. J. A. (Creator) & Harvey, J. A. (Creator), Dryad, 11 Feb 2015


Data from: Environmental parameters linked to the last migratory stage of barnacle geese en route to their breeding sites

Shariati Najafabadi, M. (Creator), Darvishzadeh, R. (Creator), Skidmore, A. K. (Creator), Kölzsch, A. (Creator), Exo, K. (Creator), Nolet, B. A. (Creator), Griffin, J. N. (Creator), Stahl, J. (Creator), Havinga, P. J. M. (Creator), Meratnia, N. (Creator) & Toxopeus, A. G. (Creator), Marine Data Archive, 21 Oct 2016


Data from: Assembly mechanisms determining high species turnover in aquatic communities over regional and continental scales.

Viana, D. S. (Creator), Figuerola, J. (Creator), Schwenk, D. (Creator), Manca, M. (Creator), Hobaek, A. (Creator), Mjelde, M. (Creator), Preston, C. D. (Creator), Gornall, R. J. (Creator), Croft, J. M. (Creator), King, R. A. (Creator), Green, A. J. (Creator) & Santamaria, L. (Creator), Dryad, 2015


Steering community development – how do sowing and soil inoculation affect above- and belowground communities over two decades?

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Data from: A simple method for quantifying alternation behaviour during parental care

Savage, J. L. (Creator), Baldan, D. (Creator) & Lessells, C. M. (Creator), Marine Data Archive, 11 Jun 2019