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Data from: Comparing and contrasting life history variation in four aphid hyperparasitoids

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Reduced avian body condition due to global warming has little reproductive or population consequences

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Data from: Repeatability of signalling traits in the avian dawn chorus

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Transcriptome sequencing of Arabidopsis exposed to volatiles from Microbacterium sp. strain EC8

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Data from: Maternal egg hormones in the mating context: the effect of pair personality

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Data from: A plant pathogen modulates the effects of secondary metabolites on the performance and immune function of an insect herbivore

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Ammonia-oxidizing bacterial communities in tropical soils under N and organic amendment

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Data from: Winter cover crop legacy effects on litter decomposition act through litter quality and microbial community changes

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Rhizomicrobiome structure of sorghum genotypes over plant growth stages in different soils

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Data from: Plant competition alters the temporal dynamics of plant-soil feedbacks

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The effects of long-term experiment on fungal and protists community

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The genome of the freshwater monogonont rotifer Brachionus calyciflorus

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Data from: Locomotion during digestion changes current estimates of seed dispersal kernels by fish

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Data from: Hysteresis in an experimental phytoplankton population

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