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  • Data from: Connecting the data landscape of long-term ecological studies: the SPI-Birds data hub

    Culina, A. (Creator), Zajkova, Z. (Creator), Vriend, S. (Creator), Nater, C. R. (Creator) & Bailey, L. (Creator), Dryad, 04 Nov 2020


  • data from: Connecting the data landscape of long-term ecological studies

    Culina, A. (Creator), Adriaensen, F. (Creator), Bailey, L. (Creator), Burgess, M. D. (Creator), Charmantier, A. (Creator), Cole, E. F. (Creator), Eeva, T. (Creator), Matthysen, E. (Creator), Nater, C. R. (Creator), Sheldon, B. C. (Creator), Sæther, B. (Creator), Vriend, S. (Creator), Zajkova, Z. (Creator), Adamík, P. (Creator), Aplin, L. M. (Creator), Angulo, E. (Creator), Artemyev, A. (Creator), Barba, E. (Creator), Barišić, S. (Creator), Belda, E. (Creator), Bilgin, C. C. (Creator), Bleu, J. (Creator), Both, C. (Creator), Bouwhuis, S. (Creator), Branston, C. J. (Creator), Broggi, J. (Creator), Burke, T. (Creator), Bushuev, A. (Creator), Camacho, C. (Creator), Campobello, D. (Creator), Canal, D. (Creator), Cantarero, A. (Creator), Caro, S. P. (Creator), Cauchoix, M. (Creator), Chaine, A. (Creator), Cichoń, M. (Creator), Ćiković, D. (Creator), Cusimano, C. A. (Creator), Deimel, C. (Creator), Dhondt, A. A. (Creator), Doligez, B. F. (Creator), Dominoni, D. (Creator), Doutrelant, C. (Creator), Drobniak, S. M. (Creator), Dubiec, A. (Creator), Eens, M. (Creator), Erikstad, K. E. (Creator), Espín, S. (Creator), Farine, D. R. (Creator), Figuerola, J. (Creator), Kavak Gülbeyaz, P. (Creator), Grégoire, A. (Creator), Hartley, I. R. (Creator), Hau, M. (Creator), Hegyi, G. (Creator), Hille, S. (Creator), Holtmann, B. (Creator), Ilyina, T. (Creator), Isaksson, C. (Creator), Iserbyt, A. (Creator), Ivankina, E. V. (Creator), Kania, W. (Creator), Kempenaers, B. (Creator), Kerimov, A. B. (Creator), Komdeur, J. (Creator), Korsten, P. (Creator), Král, M. (Creator), Krist, M. (Creator), Lambrechts, M. M. (Creator), Lara, C. E. (Creator), Leivits, A. (Creator), Liker, A. (Creator), Lodjak, J. (Creator), Mägi, M. (Creator), Mainwaring, M. C. (Creator), Mänd, R. (Creator), Massa, B. (Creator), Massemin, S. (Creator), Martínez-Padilla, J. (Creator), Mazgajski, T. D. (Creator), Mennerat, A. (Creator), Moreno, J. (Creator), Mouchet, A. (Creator), Nakagawa, S. (Creator), Nilsson, J. (Creator), Nilsson, J. F. (Creator), Norte, A. C. (Creator), van Oers, K. (Creator), Orell, M. (Creator), Potti, J. (Creator), Quinn, J. L. (Creator), Réale, D. (Creator), Reiertsen, T. K. (Creator), Rosivall, B. (Creator), Russell, A. F. (Creator), Rytkönen, S. (Creator), Sánchez-Virosta, P. (Creator), Santos, E. S. A. (Creator), Schroeder, J. (Creator), Senar, J. C. (Creator), Seress, G. (Creator), Slagsvold, T. (Creator), Szulkin, M. (Creator), Teplitsky, C. (Creator), Tilgar, V. (Creator), Tolstoguzov, A. (Creator), Török, J. (Creator), Valcu, M. (Creator), Vatka, E. (Creator), Verhulst, S. (Creator), Watson, H. (Creator), Yuta, T. (Creator), Zamora-Marín, J. M. (Creator) & Visser, M. E. (Creator), Dryad, 04 Nov 2020


  • Apparent breeding success drives long-term population dynamics of a migratory swan

    Nuijten, R. (Creator), Vriend, S. (Creator), Wood, K. (Creator), Haitjema, T. (Creator), Rees, E. (Creator), Jongejans, E. (Creator) & Nolet, B. A. (Creator), Dryad, 28 Sept 2020