Zülfikar Özdogan

Zülfikar Özdogan

Collection Specialist for Turkey and Kurds

Personal profile

Research interests

Studied in Istanbul (law) and Moscow (marxist philosophy). Worked as chief editor and editor of leftist journals. Now IISH research staff member for collection development, Turkey and the Osman Empire (especially the social-economic history). Also involved in special fields as labour migration from Turkey to Western-Europe; Kurdish nationalist groups; radical leftist, rightist, and islamic movements in Turkey.

Selected publications

Research for documentary films such as:
- De Hoofddoek, stof tot nadenken. Tilburg. 1998
- De Dwaze Moeders van Turkije. Amsterdam. 1999

Turkeys Red Flank. IISH, Amsterdam 2007

Turks Theater Bestaat Niet, IISH - Kunstfactor - Theater Instituut Nederland

Sosyal Tarih (Social History), Turkish bulletin of the IISH, 7 numbers


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