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Migration has always been a very important topic, but with the flow of refugees from crisis areas such as Syria, it is higher on the agenda than ever before. However, data on this topic covers a wide range of subjects (migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, countries, municipalities, reception locations (o pvangcentra) , incidents), and is thus highly scattered and fragmented. Datasets on these topics are being published on the Web in different sources, locations, formats, and time periods in a decentralized and unrelated manner. Certainly, these datasets describe real world related phenomena, but they don’t reference each other and operate only at a very local scope. This hampers a combined used of these datasets, making a consistent overview of the situation difficult. Consequently, stakeholders such as policy makers, researchers, people involved in the debate, the public, volunteers, and refugees themselves need to spend valuable time and labour in combining the contents of these datasets manually to get meaningful information.
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