Innovating Knowledge: Isidore’s Etymologiae in the Carolingian Period

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Innovating Knowledge intends to map and study the Carolingian intellectual networks and to examine the dynamics of innovation by using as a proxy the Etymologiae of Isidore of Seville. The Etymologiae was a highly dynamic text, undergoing a process of what may be termed ‘wikipedization’. The ninth-century users of this originally seventh-century encyclopedia felt free to appropriate the text as they saw fitting, rewriting it in order to capture the current state of knowledge, to polemicize with its authors and with peers, to remove what was seen as outdated, or to enhance what was seen as deficient.
Effective start/end date01/09/201827/08/2021


  • Isidore of Seville
  • Etymologiae
  • encyclopaedism
  • diffusion of innovation
  • intellectual networks
  • network analysis
  • manuscript studies
  • medieval manuscripts
  • early Middle Ages
  • Carolingian period
  • Carolingian Renaissance
  • Carolingian reforms
  • History of Knowledge
  • History of Science and scholarship
  • intellectual history
  • medieval intellectual life
  • textual transmission
  • databases
  • digital humanities
  • digital edition
  • medieval annotation


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