RDA TIGER: Research Data Alliance facilitation of Targeted International working Groups for EOSC-related Research solutions

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The RDA TIGER aims to provide services to facilitate and support well-defined Working Groups between key European and international initiatives, resulting in concrete alignment, harmonisation, and standardisation of Open Science developments and technologies globally. 
In particular the project will directly contribute to the European Open Science Cloud Partnership, by supporting (via the Working Groups) the international engagement and alignment of policies, technologies, methodologies, practices and other outputs of EOSC-related and other European Open Science developments; and develop and offer a service platform for these Working Groups, effectively identifying key partners for the groups, and increasing their work efficiency by facilitation and other support actions and ultimately maximising the impact WG results have on the EOSC, global Open Science, and society.

RDA TIGER leverages the demonstrably effective instrument of community-driven RDA Working Groups and the foundations of EOSC, RDA, CODATA, Research Software Alliance (ReSA), and the Open Science movement in general, and provides a way to efficiently use the RDA platform for internationalisation and standardisation of research outputs that allow science to be reproducible and scrutinised.

RDA TIGER service platform includes planning, engagement, communication, facilitation and finalisation services to the Working Groups, maximising the WG outputs, and their impact. Most of the RDA TIGER services have been tested in one form or another in earlier RDA-related projects both in Europe and internationally, demonstrating that they are realistic and achievable. RDA TIGER’s ambition stems from the concentrated use of these services, together with systematic quality control and improvement mechanisms, and via the careful selection of Working Groups which will maximize the impacts relevant to the Work Programme.
Short titleRDA TIGER
Effective start/end date01/01/202331/12/2025


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