STW - SmartResidue Evaluating Compost and bio-based residues as methane mitigation strategy creating climate smart agricultural soils. “Putting microbes to work”.

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There is an urgent need for novel solutions to make agriculture more sustainable. Reducing GHG emissions in combination with an increase in carbon sequestration seems a very powerful and efficient tool to keep soils in a vital state. Next to this, especially in the Netherlands there is a large potential of bio-based residues (compost, manure, manure-digestates, sewage sludge etc.) which may be suitable to return carbon and nutrients to soils. However, application of residues should not go hand in hand with additional emissions of GHG. The obtained results by NIOO-KNAW demonstrate the potential of compost and other bio-based residues to stimulate uptake of methane from the atmosphere which gives the residues a high additional value given this climate beneficial effect. The proposal will unravel the mechanisms of this residue stimulated soil methane sink function which will give possibilities to optimize residues and residue mixtures to make the application more efficient and robust. The project is of great value for companies producing green-fertilizers, soil improvers, organic waste recyclers, manure processing companies but also biogas producing companies or organizations, who can apply biogas to improve the quality of residues by enriching methanotrophic bacteria. The outcome is also of great importance for climate policy and fertilizer regulation, giving the strong added value possibly relieving the strict regulations concerning the use of waste products as fertilizers.
Short titleSmartResidue
Effective start/end date01/07/201811/02/2023


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