Survey of Commercial Social Media Archiving Tools 2021

Project Details


The objective of the project is to create an overview and inventory of commercial social media archiving solutions that will accompany the already existing inventory of open-source social media archiving tools from last year’s NDE project, and at the same time update and improve the already existing knowledge resources on social media archiving tools which that previous project produced.
Specifically, the scope of the project covers two tasks:
1. Create an inventory of commercial tools for social media archiving. As the last project focused on open-source, this component will focus on commercial solutions to get a better idea of what is available. A lot of heritage and local government organizations are potentially interested in commercial solutions, especially if they are small or mid-sized and cannot devote resources to implementing systems themselves. As a member of the NDE Web and social media archiving expert group, we are in a great position to extend and build on the work we already did. The initial survey of tools and services available for Dutch organizations which we will create will make it easier for them to have a more complete picture before they make their selections, and will also help us gain more insight into solutions interesting for the institute as well. At the same time, it puts the institute in a position of contributing to knowledge generation and exchange, in keeping with strategic goals of openness and collaboration.
The above survey will not result in a review report, and the tools will not be assessed against specific standards or compared against one another to establish which is most suitable for what activity. This will be a type of landscape analysis, that will cover different aspects of commercial social media archiving solutions such as their scope, technical features, price, usability, and will result in a report, with the aim of discovering solutions that might be less known, or highlighting well-known ones, and their features.
2. Integrate the knowledge and insights from the existing social media archiving tools report, FAQ, and other resources created in the course of the project into a knowledge base. A wiki-style resource will be created on the KIA platform, that will consolidate the contents of the report, and make it more findable and accessible for cultural heritage organizations, governmental organizations, and all parties interested in social media archiving in the Netherlands.
The goal of this activity will be to not only to transfer the already acquired knowledge, but also update it, preferably with the input and collaboration of other organizations as well.
No new tools will be added to the free and open-source tools survey, and where needed modifications will be made to keep the information as current as possible.
Effective start/end date01/07/202131/12/2021


  • social media archiving
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  • web archiving