A missing link? Connecting data and dissertations in the Netherlands

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A doctoral thesis contains by definition ground-breaking new scientific work that expands the current knowledge of a research field. While the importance of guarding and sharing this knowledge is usually well recognized, there are challenges when it comes to finding and accessing research data resulting from dissertations.
This poster presentation will focus on the problem of the (often) missing link between a PhD thesis and related data sets. Taking the Netherlands as a use case, we will illustrate the current situation and demonstrate possible ways in which this issue can be overcome. We would like to sketch the current situation in the Netherlands and propose a set of action steps that will to bring us closer to consistent linking of data and dissertations, thereby unlocking the “hidden treasures” of Dutch PhD theses. Of course, a similar approach can be followed elsewhere.
The topic of linking data and dissertations will be an interesting feature of the conference, because this linkage will enable the re-use, re-combination and re-purposing of dissertation data.
The topic is particularly suited to a poster session because it is relatively well defined, ‘small’ and easy to depict in a poster. Because of these features it will also catch delegates' attention. The Dutch case will show the challenges and possibilities and will inspire others to consider the situation in their own countries.
Original languageEnglish
PagesExtended abstract
Publication statusPublished - 2016


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