A Political History of the USA: One Nation Under God

B. Kuklick

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    nhoud: Introduction -- pt. 1. Making a state. The European impact in America, 1494-1676 -- North American colonies, 1632-1732 -- The colonies in the Empire, 1651-1774 -- War and order, 1775-1787 -- pt. 2. Consolidating the power of the state. The culture of politics, 1788-1826 --- From coexistence to expansion, 1783-1832 -- Nationalism, sectionalism, and slavery, 1820-1861 -- Lincoln and the Civil War, 1858-1865 -- The sections integrated: south, west, and northeast, 1865-1896 -- pt. 3. The American state and the world. The new empire, 1890-1917 -- Progressive America, 1900-1920 -- The crises of progressive capitalism, 1919-1933 -- The cosmopolitan New Deal in depression and war, 1933 -1945 -- Cold War America, 1945-1963 -- pt. 4. Personal politics and the state. The long 1960s, 1954-1975 -- Cultural divisions and cultural imperialism, 1968-2000 -- Epilogue: America in history, 2001 and after -- Critical suggestions for reading and study. "A fresh and engaging account of America's history from European contact to the election of Barack Obama. Bruce Kuklick's straightforward yet authoritative narrative, provides a clear and concise way through the complexities of American history without oversimplifying or assuming prior knowledge. The book places politics in the context of religious culture and tries to account for the assertive expansion at the heart of the development of the U.S. Supported by wide-ranging examples, extracts from primary sources, maps, photos and illustrations, this compelling yet balanced account of America's political, cultural and religious history will be core reading for undergraduate students of American history"
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    PublisherPalgrave Macmillan
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    Publication statusPublished - 2009

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