Archiving the Past While Keeping up with the Times

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The e-depot for Dutch archaeology started as a project at Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) in 2004 and developed into a successful service, which has ever since been part of the national archaeological data workflow of the Netherlands.
While continuously processing archaeological datasets and publications and developing expertise regarding data preservation, various developments are taking place in the data landscape and direct involvement is necessary to ensure that the needs of the designated community are best met. Standard protocols must be defined for the processing of data with the best guarantees for long-term preservation and accessibility. Monitoring the actual use of file formats and the use of their significant characteristics within specific scientific disciplines is needed to keep strategies up-to-date.
National developments includes the definition of a national metadata exchange protocol, its accommodation in the DANS EASY self-deposit archive and its role in the central channelling of information submission. In international context, projects such as ARIADNE and PARTHENOS enable further developments regarding data preservation and dissemination. The opportunities provided by such international projects enriched the data by improving options for data reuse, including allowing for the implementation of a map-based search facility on DANS EASY. The projects also provide a platform for sharing of expertise via international collaboration.
This paper will detail the positioning of the data archive in the research data cycle and show examples of the data enrichment enabled by collaboration within international projects.
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JournalStudies in Digital Heritage
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2017


  • data-enrichment
  • expertise
  • preservation
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