Black yeasts in the omics era: Achievements and challenges

Leandro Ferreira Moreno, Vania Aparecida Vicente, Sybren De Hoog

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See, stats, and : https : / / www . researchgate . net / publication / 323695598 Black : Achievements and Article : official Animal DOI : 10 . 1093 / mmy / myx129 CITATIONS 0 READS 138 3 : Some : Atlas AMPHORA : Are (black) PHotolytoautotrophic Organisms ? a project Leandro Westerdijk 38 SEE Vania Universidade 125 , 339 SEE Sybren Koninklijke 1 , 507 , 110 CITATIONS SEE All . The . Abstract Black yeasts (BY) comprise a group of polyextremotolerant fungi , mainly belonging to the order Chaetothyriales , which are capable of colonizing a wide range of extreme envi - ronments . The tolerance to hostile habitats can be explained by their intrinsic ability to survive under acidic , alkaline , and toxic conditions , high temperature , low nutrient avail - ability , and osmotic and mechanical stress . Occasionally , some species can cause human chromoblastomycosis , a chronic subcutaneous infection , as well as disseminated or cere - bral phaeohyphomycosis . Three years after the release of the first black yeast genome , the number of projects for sequencing these organisms has significantly increased . Over 37 genomes of important opportunistic and saprobic black yeasts and relatives are now available in different databases . The whole - genome sequencing , as well as the analysis of differentially expressed mRNAs and the determination of protein expression profiles generated an unprecedented amount of data , requiring the development of a curated repository to provide easy accesses to this information . In the present article , we review various aspects of the impact of genomics , transcriptomics , and proteomics on black yeast studies . We discuss recent key findings achieved by the use of these technologies and further directions for medical mycology in this area . An important vehicle is the Work - ing Groups on Black Yeasts and Chromoblastomycosis , under the umbrella of ISHAM , which unite the clinicians and a highly diverse population of fundamental scientists to exchange data for joint publications .
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)S32-S41
JournalMedical Mycology
Publication statusPublished - 01 Apr 2018


  • black yeast
  • genome
  • pathogenesis
  • proteome
  • transcriptome


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