Case studies on age-management in organisations: report on organisational case studies

E. Punte, W.S. Conen, J. Schippers, C.J.I.M. Henkens

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The acquisition of case studies was thwarted by the economic crisis and the feeling of being ‘over-researched’ by potential organisations. Although organisations in some sectors (e.g. chemical manufacturing) reported the worst part of the economic crisis was behind, many organisations indicated getting through the crisis was their top priority. Especially in the first few months we had difficulties with getting through to organisations. The most difficulties we had at that time with longitudinal cases; this might have been due to the timing (maybe they did not want to talk to us while in a recession and their ‘good practices’ did not have top priority at that time). Furthermore, many Dutch organisations we approached answered they did not want to participate because they were ‘over-researched’ in this area; we were not the first who asked them to participate in a study on age-management. In general, we found that smaller organisations were less willing to participate than larger organisations. Although many kinds of initiatives may be ‘good practices’ and contain ‘pathways to good practices’, small organizations do not seem to perceive their attitudes and actions as age-management and maybe even feel uncomfortable with a ‘good practice’ label.
Original languageUndefined
Place of PublicationThe Hague
PublisherNetherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute
Number of pages96
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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