D1.2 Roadmap and pilot requirements 2nd version

Christophe Guillotel-Nothmann, Jacopo De Berardinis, Thomas Bottini, Philippe Cathé, Enrico Daga, Marilena Daquino, Achille Davy-Rigaux, Marco Gurrieri, Peter Van Kranenburg, Eleanora Marzi, James McDermott, Albert Meroño Peñuela, Paul Mulholland, Andrea Scharnhorst, Rocco Tripodi

Research output: Book/ReportReportScientific


Polifonia is driven by ten pilot use cases which provide both a validation context and the input requirements to the other research and development work packages. The pilots are heterogeneous in terms of knowledge domains, e.g. bells heritage, popular Irish music, history of music in Bologna, music influence on children. They involve interdisciplinary teams that bring different experience
and methodological practices. This report describes the efforts made in relation with the Technical Board (TB) (see Deliverable 1.32); the Data Management Plan (DMP) (see Deliverables 7.1 and 7.43); the working group (WG4) focused on the Web portal (see Deliverable 1.95); work package 2 (WP 2) (see Deliverables 2.1, 2.4 and 2.77), WP 5 and the groups gathering the pilots and the work packages for the definition of a socio-technical Roadmap. This Roadmap aims to provide a methodological framework for the delivery of the 10 pilots. The initial version of the Roadmap (D1.1. produced at M68) described the
efforts made to gather the requirements and needs of the pilots on the basis of three tools: a) the Stories, b) the Maninpasta, and c) the Survey (SMS tools). This second version provides a definition of the methods, tools and strategies that regulate the socio-technical interactions and lead to an overall Validation framework.
After outlining the background to this deliverable and its status in Polifonia, the following four sections successively address the four main objectives of the Roadmap: 1. Coordinating collection of resources for use in the pilots, 2. Gathering requirements from internal and external adopters/stakeholders, 3. Setting objectives and challenges and mapping them from specific domains to the technology provider work packages, and 4. Monitoring validation within the pilot tasks. Six short appendixes make this report self-contained, including a glossary of terms, a description of the ten pilots, a description of Polifonia work packages’ organisation and an updated version of the Survey.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages61
Publication statusPublished - 01 Sept 2022


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