D7.2 Data Management Plan (Second Version)

Andrea Scharnhorst, Rene Van Horik, Enrico Daga, Marilena Daquino, Elena Musumeci, Peter Van Kranenburg, Christophe Guillotel-Nothmann, Marco Gurrieri, Valentina Presutti, Marta Clementi, Albert Meroño Peñuela, Monica Turci, Eleanora Marzi, Antonio Puglisi, Raphaël Fournier-S'niehotta

Research output: Book/ReportReportScientific


This second version of the Data Management Plan (DMP) follows the template structure for an Open Research Data Pilot (ORDP) (section 2). As elaborated in the first version of the DMP (Admiraal et al. 2021), we see data management planning as inherent part of the overall knowledge exchange coordination in the project, and therefore closely related to the development of the socio-technical roadmap (Guillotel-Nothmann et al. 2022). In the first section Introduction we summarise Polifonia’s approach towards data management planning. We further detail the progress made from the DMP version 1 to 2, and by which methods those were achieved. In section 2 Polifonia Data Management Plan, we use the ORDP template, to document the achievements of data management in Polifonia, and discuss main achievements of Polifonia such as the Polifonia Ecosystem, the Polifonia Knowledge Graph, and Polifonia Ontology and the Polifonia Portal from the point of view of best practices in data management. A short Outlook section summarises tasks and steps toward the DMP version 3.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages72
Publication statusPublished - 21 Feb 2023


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