‘De poëzie blijft waar ze is’ – of toch niet? Herhaling, herneming en herinnering in de gedichtenbundels van Frank Koenegracht

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Over a period of forty years, the Dutch poet Frank Koenegracht
(Rotterdam, 1945) published nine volumes of poetry, among which
are two anthologies: De verdwijning van Leiden. Gedichten 1971-
1981 (1989) and Vroege sneeuw.Gedichten1971-2003 (2003). Both
volumes contain many revised versions of the previously published
poems, but both anthologies show a different tendency: whereas De
verdwijning van Leiden more or less represents a momentary view of literature, Vroege sneeuw to a much greater extent shows the development
in Koenegracht’s poetry. But due to the whimsicality of Koenegracht’s
revisions, this tendency remains ambiguous. Next to that, the
practice of revising and rewriting is also visible in individual collections
of poems, such as Zwaluwstaartjes (1994) and Alles valt(1999).
In what can be seen as a poetics of recycling Koenegracht uses many
lexical citations, recycles fragments of earlier poems in new ones and
even republishes whole poems in his new collections. This playful
acting enables the reader of Koenegracht’s poetry to establish new
connections between poems within the individual collections of poems
and throughout the work as a whole.
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JournalVerslagen en Mededelingen van de Koninklijke Academie voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde
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Publication statusPublished - 01 Feb 2014


  • fluid text
  • Frank Koenegracht
  • rewriting/revision
  • 20th century Dutch poetry
  • remaking/recycling

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