Durk Lenige: de Gysbert Japix fan 'e 18de ieu?

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This article discusses the merits of the poems of the 18th century Frisian writer Durk Lenige. It is assumed implicitly, from the evidence of anthologies of Frisian poetry, and explicitly, from casual references in the literature, that Lenige is a minor poet, at best. No arguments are given in support of that preconception. Close reading of his poems reveals that several of them exhibit an intelligent composition, combining knowledge of science and religion in order to either present an ethical position or to express a personal emotion. In addition, the poems often have a very rhetorical, very condensed form, employing elaborate compounds and a compressed syntax, that is characteristic of international baroque poetry. The neglect of his poetry can possibly be attributed to lack of appreciation of the 18th century world view, and to the impopularity of the use of classic mythology with present-day critics and researchers studying the Frisian literature.
Original languageFrisian
Pages (from-to)59-82
Number of pages23
JournalUs Wurk. Tydskrift foar frisistyk
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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