DwB D8.3: Workflows and dataflows document for both possible models

M. Priddy, Arofan Gregory, Maurice Brandt, Jesús Bouso Freijo, John Shepherdson, Atle Alvheim, Maria Radulescu, Christopher GUERKE, Camilia CHIRNICIUC

Research output: Book/ReportReportScientific


The purpose of this report is to identify possible workflows and dataflows for the gathering of metadata on Official Statistics (OS) microdata from National Statistical Institutions (NSIs), Data Archives (DAs), and other sources, including DwB itself. As part of the investigation work of work package 8 (WP8) surveys of NSI metadata creation and DA metadata dissemination were conducted and the results are included here. Additionally three case studies of the statistical data production workflows at Destatis & CNPS-INS & CBS are summarised (and described in full in the appendices). Since the completion of the investigation phase of WP8, we have seen the publication of the Generic Statistical Information Model (GSIM) for NSIs. The important context of this and the General Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM) are discussed. Section 5 describes potential architectures of federation and protocols for use in research infrastructures, along with existing examples from the statistical domain, social sciences and beyond. We propose the architecture and infrastructure for acquiring metadata from the NSIs, DAs & DwB in section 6, and in sections 7 and 8 go into depth about how and what metadata NSIs should publish, the protocols that could be used by NSIs and DAs, and the management of multiple sources of metadata and identifying the resources within the DwB resource discovery portal. Overall conclusions on the status of metadata providers, architectures, workflows & dataflows, and sustainability of the DwB resource discovery portal for OS microdata are drawn in section 9. Finally the appendices contain the details of the investigations and case studies carried out by WP8.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherData without Boundaries
Number of pages115
Publication statusPublished - 01 Apr 2014

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