Influence of nutrient deficiency caused by host developmental arrest on the growth and development of a koinobiont parasitoid

Y. Nakamatsu, K. Kuriya, J.A. Harvey, T. Tanaka

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    Koinobiont parasitoids utilize nutrients obtained from hosts that contine to feed and grow after parasitization. However, if the ecdysis of early host instars is prevented, parasitized larvae will fail to grow large enough to support the development of the parasitoid brood and both organisms will perish. When L5 instar larvae (the penultimate stage) of Pseudaletia separata were parasitized by Cotesia kariyai and injected with Euplectrus separatae venom (5PV), the development of these hosts was arrested before molting to the next stage and the caterpillars thus failed to gain weight. These hosts remained at approximately 300 mg until parasitoid emergence. In contrast, hosts parasitized as L5 but without the injection of venom (5P) exhibited an increase in weight after molting to the next stage and ultimately grew to approximately 700 mg. The inhibition of ecdysis reduced the amount of food resource (e.g. fat body) for the parasitoid larvae. On the other hand, when final (=L6) host instars were parasitized and injected with E. separatae venom (6PV), the maximum weight attained by these larvae was about 710 mg, although weight gain was depressed compared to hosts parasitized without the injection of E. separatae venom (6P). The adult weight of C. kariyai that emerged from 5PV hosts was less than conspecifics that emerged from 5P, 6P, and 6PV respectively, although the egg-pupal period of the parasitoid from 5PV hosts was extended. The offspring sex ratio (percentage males) of adult wasps did not vary significantly with treatment. Female parasitoids that eclosed from 5PV hosts laid almost the same number of eggs in day 0–6th host instars as those emerging from 5P, 6P, 6PV hosts. Their egg-pupal period was extended a
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)1105-1112
    JournalJournal of Insect Physiology
    Issue number11-12
    Publication statusPublished - 2006


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