Modeling water quality in the Anthropocene: Directions for the next-generation aquatic ecosystem models

W.M. Mooij (Corresponding author), D. van Wijk, Arthur HW Beusen, R.J. Brederveld, M. Chang, M.M.P. Cobben, D.L. DeAngelis, A.S. Downing, Pamela Green, A.S. Gsell, Inese Huttunen, J.H. Janse, A.B.G. Janssen, G.M. Hengeveld, X. Kong, Lilith Kramer, J.J. Kuiper, Simon J. Langan, B.A. Nolet, R.J.M. NuijtenMaryna Strokal, Tineke A. Troost, A.M. van Dam, S. Teurlincx

Research output: Contribution to journal/periodicalArticleScientificpeer-review

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