Post-workshop report - "Guidelines on transparent exposure of repository information: informing decisions of trustworthiness"

Maaike Verburg, Charlotte Neidiger, Robert Ulrich, Hervé L'Hours, Robert Huber, Mike Priddy, Ingrid Dillo, Minna Ventsel (Contributor), Maria Estava (Contributor), Ignacio Sancho (Contributor), Christopher Hunter (Contributor), Alicia Wise (Contributor)

Research output: Book/ReportReportScientific


This report presents the experiences and results of the workshop ‘Guidelines on transparent exposure of repository information: informing decisions of trustworthiness’, held at the International Digital Curation Conference 2024 (IDCC24). The aim of the workshop was to introduce a targeted audience to the FAIR-IMPACT guidelines and plans for a prototype, and to gather specific and feedback on how to improve the guidelines to the realistic experience of the community. The workshop was structured to first allow participants to be introduced to the relevant information and background of the work, followed by hands-on work to consider their own organisations. Participants shared enthusiastic responses to the work, as well as critical and valuable feedback, specifically on how the communication about the work can be improved to be more inclusive and impactful. Most participants had not considered the way their organisation exposes information before, but quickly caught onto some of the added value of improving the transparency of this for themselves and their user community. Participants also identified interesting scenarios in which the applicability of the guidelines and proposed prototype are not immediately clear, which propose excellent use cases to investigate further in the future, to evaluate the flexibility of the work. The report also presents the next steps planned in FAIR-IMPACT for the development of this line of work.

Participants of the workshop had the opportunity to be added as a contributor to this post-workshop report. Those who chose this, have had the opportunity to review this report before publication and are listed as 'others'. We thank all our participants for their valuable input!
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages24
Publication statusPublished - 28 Mar 2024


  • Transparency
  • Trustworthiness
  • Repository
  • Registry
  • FAIR
  • Workshop


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