RDA TIGER D4.1 – Description of Output Support Services and Maintenance Platform

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Research Data Alliance’s (RDA) Working Groups (WGs) aim to solve a specific research data related issue in a relatively short period of time. In practice, these groups are created by the RDA community, and rely on the voluntary contributions from the community to achieve its stated objectives. While this approach has been demonstrated to be successful in the last decade, certain areas have been identified where improvements can be made. The RDA TIGER project addresses some of these improvements [1]. RDA TIGER establishes a suite of concrete services to support the Working Groups (WG) of the Research Data Alliance (RDA). Work Package 4 in the TIGER project oversees the service for WG Output Support, particularly the RDA Maintenance Platform (RDA-MP), and various output guidance services. The objectives are to ensure high quality, usefulness, maintenance and sustainability of the WG outputs. This report provides a work plan for the activities, outputs and, and services envisaged for the work package.
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Publication statusPublished - 01 Jun 2023


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