Recommendations of generic names in Diaporthales competing for protection or use

Amy Y Rossman, Gerard C Adams, Paul F Cannon, Lisa A Castlebury, Pedro W Crous, Marieka Gryzenhout, Walter M Jaklitsch, Luis C Mejia, Dmitar Stoykov, Dhanushka Udayanga, Hermann Voglmayr, Donald M Walker

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    In advancing to one name for fungi, this paper treats generic names competing for use in the order Diaporthales (Ascomycota, Sordariomycetes) and makes a recommendation for the use or protection of one generic name among synonymous names that may be either sexually or asexually typified. A table is presented that summarizes these recommendations. Among the genera most commonly encountered in this order, Cytospora is recommended over Valsa and Diaporthe over Phomopsis. New combinations are introduced for the oldest epithet of important species in the recommended genus. These include Amphiporthe tiliae, Coryneum lanciforme, Cytospora brevispora, C. ceratosperma, C. cinereostroma, C. eugeniae, C. fallax, C. myrtagena, Diaporthe amaranthophila, D. annonacearum, D. bougainvilleicola, D. caricae-papayae, D. cocoina, D. cucurbitae, D. juniperivora, D. leptostromiformis, D. pterophila, D. theae, D. vitimegaspora, Mastigosporella georgiana, Pilidiella angustispora, P. calamicola, P. pseudogranati, P. stromatica, and P. terminaliae.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)145-54
    Number of pages10
    JournalIMA Fungus
    Issue number1
    Publication statusPublished - Jun 2015


    • Article 59
    • Ascomycetes
    • Fungi
    • nomenclature
    • one fungus-one name
    • pleomorphic fungi
    • taxonomy
    • unit nomenclature


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