1. 2017
  2. Embedding Cigarette Tobacco in Colonial Bihar (India): A Multi-Dimensional Task

    Sinha-Kerkhoff, K. 2017 Embedding Agricultural Commodities: Using historical evidence, 1840s-1940s. van Schendel, W. (ed.). London and New York: Routledge, p. 99-118 194 p.

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewChapter

  3. European Mobile Students, (Trans)National Social Networks, and (Inter)National Career Perspectives

    Van Mol, C. 2017 Rethinking Highly Skilled Migration. van Riemsdijk, M. & Wang, Q. (eds.). New York: Routledge, p. 54-74 (Region and Cities; no. 109)

    Research output: ScientificChapter

  4. Five-year progression of unilateral age-related macular degeneration to bilateral involvement: the Three Continent AMD Consortium report

    Joachim, N., Colijn, J. M., Kifley, A., Lee, K. E., Buitendijk, G. H. S., Klein, B. E. K., Myers, C. E., Meuer, S. M., Tan, A. G., Holliday, E. G., Attia, J., Liew, G., Iyengar, S. K., de Jong, P. T. V. M., Hofman, A., Vingerling, J. R., Mitchell, P., Klaver, C. C. W., Klein, R. & Wang, J. J. 2017 In : British Journal of Ophthalmology.

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

  5. fMRI Neurofeedback Training for Increasing Anterior Cingulate Cortex Activation in Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. An Exploratory Randomized, Single-Blinded Study

    Zilverstand, A., Sorger, B., Slaats-Willemse, D., Kan, C. C., Goebel, R. & Buitelaar, J. K. 2017 In : PLoS One. 12, 1, p. e0170795

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

  6. Forage plants of an Arctic-nesting herbivore show larger warming response in breeding than wintering grounds, potentially disrupting migration phenology

    Lameris, T. K., Jochems, F., van der Graaf, A. J., Andersson, M., Limpens, J. & Nolet, B. A. 2017 In : Ecology and Evolution. in press

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

  7. From technology assessment to responsible innovation in synthetic biology

    Stemerding, D. 2017 Handbook - Responsible Innovation: A Global Resource. von Schomberg, R. (ed.). Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.

    Research output: ScientificChapter

  8. Functional traits dominate the diversity-related selection of bacterial communities in the rhizosphere

    Yan, Y., Kuramae, E. E., De Hollander, M., Klinkhamer, P. G. L. & van Veen, J. A. 2017 In : ISME Journal. 11, p. 56-66

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

  9. Global change and ecosystem connectivity: How geese link fields of central Europe to eutrophication of Arctic freshwaters

    Hessen, D. O., Tombre, I. M., Van Geest, G. J. & Alfsnes, K. 2017 In : Ambio. 46, 1, p. 40-47 8 p.

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

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