L. Seelen, Joost Keuskamp, Giovanna Flaim, Eleanor Jennings, Lisette de Senerpont Domis

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Decomposition is a vitally important process across ecosystems as it returns nutrients to the environment. This process has been researched by many researchers over various ecosystems, using various methods. Comparing decomposition rates across ecosystems would provide much insight in the global carbon cycle, but is hampered by the different methods used to study decomposition.
The Teabag Index (TBI) was created by NIOO and Utrecht University and provides a highly standardized reference method for decomposition experiments (Keuskamp et al. 2013). It has been proven to work in the terrestrial environment all over the world. Can it also work in aquatic environments?

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 08 Nov 2017


  • Decomposition
  • Tea Bag Index
  • Citizen Science


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