The Correspondence of Amalia von Solms (currently 1,177 letters)

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Currently the catalogue contains metadata of 1,177 letters written in French that date between 1627 and 1674. Of these letters, 833 are from Constantijn Huygens to Amalia von Solms, and 183 are from Amalia von Solms to Constantijn Huygens. In addition, 130 letters between Amalia von Solms and seventy-five individual correspondents have been included. Most of the records have links to digitized copies of the original documents, links to transcriptions, and links to digitized editions or to the metadata of other printed editions.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherCultures of Knowledge
Publication statusPublished - 02 Sept 2016


  • Amalia von Solms
  • Constantijn Huygens
  • correspondence


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