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  • M.K. Ikram
  • J.C.M. Witteman
  • J.R. Vingerling
  • M.M.B. Breteler
  • A. Hofman
  • P.T.V.M. de Jong
Generalized retinal arteriolar narrowing is an important sign of systemic hypertension, and a lower arteriolar:venular diameter ratio predicts the risk of hypertension. We investigated whether this association was based on arteriolar or venular diameters or both. This study was based on the prospective population-based Rotterdam Study (1990¿1993) and included 1900 participants ( 55 years of age) of whom 739 persons had normal blood pressure (systolic \
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)189-194
StatePublished - 2006

ID: 443502