The 20th centruy has shown the revitalisation process of the Frisian language. Nowadays Frisian is a strong oral cultural language, but weak in its written forms. The infrastructure of the language in terms of corpus and status planning, legislation and institutions is rather strong on a European scale. However, the language transmission within the family and in education is in decline. For the language vitality in the 21st century the author claims the following essential aspects of the language planning: the anchoring of language legislation in terms of a language act, the implementation of the European Charter, the improvement of language command and language use in alle domains of society aimed at equality and equal footing of Frisian and Dutch. The concept of trilingual schooling (Dutch, Frisian, English) might be of great help for the growth of multilingual children and adult Europeans.
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Pages (from-to)195-205
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JournalIt Beaken
Issue number1/2
StatePublished - 2008

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