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This publication is version 1 of the codebook for the third wave of the Netherlands Kinship Panel Study (NKPS). For more background information on the NKPS, we refer the reader to the Wave 1 and Wave 2 codebook (NKPS Working Paper No. 4 and NKPS Working Paper No. 8) and the NKPS website The current data release is the final release; any upcoming data release will only contain updates on possible minor errors that have not been discovered yet. Any minor changes to the data after the final release will be documented in the file ‘version.txt’, which is included in the data package available on A number of changes were introduced in Wave 3 (see Chapter 2 for details). The most important change is that the NKPS no longer includes the Migrant sample. Furthermore information from Alter respondents was only collected for the current partner of the main respondent.We report on the data-collection of the third wave as thoroughly as possible.Nevertheless, we cannot rule out the possibility that problems will be detected in the data.
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