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MtDNA restriction fragment polymorphisms were found between cytoplasmic male-sterility types P and R of Plantago lanceolata with the homologous probe pPl311 and maize mtDNA fragments derived from the regions of atp1, cox1 and cox2. No mtDNA differences were observed between male-sterile and restored plants with the same cytoplasmic type. The consistency of the polymorphisms was studied in 83 plants from 24 natural populations in the Netherlands. Within the R-cytoplasm no mtDNA polymorphisms were found, whereas seven variant mtDNA RFLP patterns were observed within the P-cytoplasm using pPl311. We also report on a putative new cytoplasmic male-sterility type, which showed a unique RFLP pattern supporting its distinct status. [KEYWORDS: cytoplasmic male sterility; gynodioecy; mtDNA variation; Plantago lanceolata Thymus-vulgaris l; natural-populations; maize; polymorphism; gynodioecy; maritima; subunit; genome; gene; inheritance]
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)75-83
StatePublished - 1997

ID: 232576