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  • S.F. Chen
  • L. Lombard
  • J. Roux
  • Y.J. Xie
  • M.J. Wingfield
  • X.D. Zhou
Leaf blight caused by Calonectria spp. is an important disease occurring on Eucalyptus trees grown in plantations of Southeast Asia. Symptoms of leaf blight caused by Calonectria spp. have recently been observed in commercial Eucalyptus plantations in FuJian Province in Southeast China. The aim of this study was to identify these Calonectria spp. employing morphological characteristics, DNA sequence comparisons for the β-tubulin, histone H3 and translation elongation factor-1α gene regions and sexual compatibility. Four Calonectria spp. were identified, including Ca. pauciramosa and three novel taxa described here as Ca. crousiana, Ca. fujianensis and Ca. pseudocolhounii. Inoculation tests showed that all four Calonectria spp. found in this study were pathogenic on two different E. urophylla × E. grandis hybrid clones, commercially utilised in eucalypt plantations in China. Keywords: Cylindrocladium, Eucalyptus plantations, FuJian, pathogenicity
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1-12
StatePublished - 2011

ID: 155706