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  • R.F. Castañeda-Ruiz
  • G. Heredia
  • M. Arias
  • E.H.C. McKenzie
  • K.D. Hyde
  • M. Stadler
  • M. Saikawa
  • J. Gené
  • J. Guarro
  • T. Iturriaga
  • D.W. Minter
  • P.W. Crous
A new species of Repetophragma, collected on plant material from “Aguita Fria” Veracruz, Mexico, and from Canaima National Park, Bolivar State, Venezuela is described and illustrated. Repetophragma paracambrense sp. nov. is characterized by subobclavate to somewhat lageniform, truncate at the base, 8−10-septate, brown, mostly verruculose, sometimes smooth conidia. Twelve new combinations are proposed for taxa previously included in Sporidesmium and Endophragmiella. A comparative table and key to Repetophragma species are provided. Key words – anamorphic fungi – cloud forest – Guiana forest – systematics
Original languageEnglish
Journal publication date2011

ID: 270298