The Slovak radio “Slovensky Rozhlas” currently is broadcasting a series of emissions on 43 languages of Europe, including smaller state languages and less widely used and taught languages. As apart of this project, initiated by the Slovak government and co-funded by the European Commission, recently mgr. Martin Hilek has had an interview with Alex Riemersma of Mercator. The interview was focused on the official status, the social position and the functioning of Frisian in daily life. Further on the history and the remit of the Fryske Akademy, as well as to Mata Hari. In the series, special attention is given to Frisian words which have become loanwords in a major language. The example given in this interview is the Frisian verb “klune” which means: to run on land (not on ice) wearing skates.
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JournalSlovak Radio "Slovensky Rozhlas”
StatePublished - 03 Mar 2009

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