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Depth profiles of downward quantum irradiance of photosynthetically available radiation in situ and spectral subsurface irradiance reflectance, obtained from water-leaving radiance, were determined in different inland water types. These included the large, shallow and eutrophic IJssel lagoon in the Netherlands, eighteen Dutch lakes differing in depth and trophic state, and the large, shallow and eutrophic Lake Tai in China. The attenuation coefficient for downward irradiance ranged from 0.7 to 5.4 m-1. An empirical relationship with the backscattering coefficient in the near-infrared waveband, derived from the reflectance, and three spectral reflectance band ratios explained 91% of the variation. The potential assessment of the spatial distribution of phytoplankton production through shipboard optical teledetection of the concentration of chlorophyll-a and the attenuation coefficient for downward irradiance is discussed. [KEYWORDS: irradiance reflectance, large rivers, phytoplankton production, remote sensing, shallow lakes, underwater light]
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)299-311
JournalAquatic Ecology
StatePublished - 1998

ID: 364202