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The former tidal inlet Lake Veere was turned into a stagnant brackish lake in 1961. Ever since, the system has shown a continuous degradation. The current study shows the monitoring results for the macrozoobenthic communities and the abiotic conditions for the period 1990–2008. This includes the first step to remediation, the restoration of the exchange between the tidal marine Eastern Scheldt and Lake Veere in 2004. A continuous decline in water clearance co-occurring with decreasing macrofauna densities and richness was observed till 2004. Water quality (e.g., secchi depth, nutrient levels, and oxygen conditions) improved significantly after the measure at a higher salinity level with less variation. But the macrofauna densities, biomass, and diversity did not improve yet. First indications of changes in the benthic communities by arrival of new and returning species are however observed and show that restoration at macrofauna level follows the improved abiotic conditions with a delay of several years.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1261-1278
JournalEstuaries and Coasts
Issue number6
StatePublished - 2010

ID: 305056