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During the period March–May 1991, sediment samples were taken every two or three days at one intertidal station in the brackish part of the Westerschelde estuary. Quantitative cell counts were made in order to investigate the short-term temporal changes in diatom numbers and assemblage structure. Throughout the whole sampling period, the diatom assemblage was dominated by epipsammic diatoms. Three species, Achnanthes delicatula, Opephora cf. perminuta and Catenula adhaerens on average accounted for almost 67% of all valves counted. The epipsammic diatom fraction showed no significant changes in absolute numbers; its species composition appeared relatively stable. In contrast, epipelic diatom densities significantly increased towards the end of the study period. Species composition within
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)275-284
StatePublished - 1993

ID: 178900